Software Development

We design, develop, implement and support 100% custom solutions that address your unique business needs. Our solutions are agile & intelligent to handle ever growing enterprise requirements to deliver sustained long term benefits for you.

Our software experts have the experience to implement custom software and integration solutions using the best Open Source technologies in the market, tailored for your unique business requirements.

Application Development


Openradix can help you design, build, test and manage your applications to be competitive in a high-velocity, software-driven world. We have been automating varied business processes of our clients across domains and have undertaken several greenfield projects. Our web platform has been built using Java, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Backgrid, Backbone, Kendo, Google Charts, D3JS, JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Websocketd, Jasper Reports

Mobile Apps

Our apps enable you to gather mission-critical data in the field to make better business decisions, faster, whether online or offline, to stay productive wherever you are. Now you can ensure sky-high productivity for maximized revenue – thanks to the latest in mobile technology. Our development platform has been build using Android SDK and Apache Cordova.

our projects

We are involved in several exciting Open Source projects ranging from a full suite customized ERPs - Planning, Order Processing, Vendor Management, Inventory & Invoicing - to CRM to Supply Chain Solutions to Project Management & Time tracking Software for varied manufacturing & services companies. Clients include emerging, mid sized, family run businesses to Semi Government and Multinational corporations.

We would be happy to showcase some of our projects and talk through how this experience can help us deliver what you need.

White label Development Services

We work on the back stage anonymously while letting you take all the credit of the developed solutions. We are open to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to assure the ownership of the developed products, source code and IP rights stays with clients. We would never disclose the information of clients unless and until they are okay with it.

Key Success Factors

Big Picture

What you actually plan to have? You should have a clear idea about how the interface of the software should look like, the branding, functionality, appearance and access. Everything should be planned right from creating a user manual to completing packaging. You should be very much clear about what you want to include in the brief as your development team will follow the same.

Development costs

It important that you have an idea about the current software development costs. You need to be very clear about what you will have to pay to get the software developed your way. If the cost of software development goes out of your expectation you need to know the advantages that you will enjoy when you plan to spend more. You can even talk with us on estimate of the development costs, especially when you are planning to develop multiple projects or have any long term projects.


During the project discussion stage there will be debates and discussions on what can be added and what not based on the available timeline and budget. So it is important to come on the agreement where things can be cut down and only the critical ones are placed.


Who is going set up a support system where the clients can contact and interact in case of issues. Training on how to look into the end user issues and troubleshoot the problems needs to be provided to the support team

we currently have 2 products in pharma which are live in the market and couple of products in early stages

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Rapid Software Development

What if we could tell you that you can potentially shorten the development time of software from months to weeks? What if we could generate 90% of the software only by describing your requirements through excel sheets.

We are in continuous process of writing Code Generators that can generate Database Stored Procedures, Mid-tier, User Interface code & Graphs. We think eventually we will get to a point where we can build any software quicker with less actual code being written.