Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

We love data, and we like to think that analytics belongs everywhere. For us to be data-driven, we need data to be fluid, fast flowing, and crystal clear.

Superset allows data exploration through rich visualizations while performing fast and intuitive “slicing and dicing” against just about any dataset.

Code-less approach to data visualization

Data explorers can easily travel through multi-dimensional datasets while creating and sharing “slices”, and assemble them in interactive dashboards.

Key Features

  • A rich and extensible set of visualizations including basic charts as well as sunburst, parallel coordinates, heatmap, force directed layouts, world map, pivot table, word cloud, Sankey diagram, and more!

  • Create and share interactive dashboards as collections of visualizations

  • Flexible authentication and authorization, with support for LDAP, OpenID, OAuth, Remote User, and more. Granular permissions and role management allow administrators to define very clearly who gets access to which feature and/or which dataset

  • Connectivity to most SQL-speaking databases, as well as support for querying for fast realtime analytics

  • A smooth learning curve: users can be trained in minutes and get value instantaneously

  • Flexible data caching, with cascading timeout parameters by report, table and database to relieve your databases from heavy load and to make important dashboards load quickly

Data Visualisations

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Superset is currently being used by Airbnb, Twitter, GfK Data Lab, Yahoo!, Udemy and others.

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We provide implentation, training & helpdesk support facilities

We can do a complete setup for Superset on your server or we can extend our hosted infrastructure. Either ways Superset would be able to connect to one or more of your applications to fetch data and provide meaningful data visualisations.

If you have an existing Superset setup or if you don’t need external help for set up, you can’t ignore the need for ongoing support. If your IT department already has enough on its plate, you could always sign up with us. We act as an extended arm of your IT team to liaison with the OEM, help in commissioning the solutions and also provide training to your administrator / users. Apart from this, we also offer a helpdesk facility, letting your IT department offload routine user support tasks.

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- Amit Singh