Why alfresco - 3 simple reasons

  • Easily find, share and secure all of your important files— including legal contracts, marketing assets, customer related documents and engineering files
  • Information flows to the right person, at the right time, in the applications and devices people use to get their jobs done
  • Document scanning and capture helps unlock business information from static documents and turn it into actionable data

Powerful Search and Discovery

Alfresco makes it easy for people to quickly locate the exact document they need from among many thousands, even hundreds of thousands of files, in their document management system.

  • Powerful search features, including instant search suggestions and the ability to apply filters to speed the retrieval of relevant content
  • Smart folders facilitate content discovery by grouping files based on what they are rather than where they’re stored
  • Mobile, desktop and web access plus integration with common productivity applications mean people can work from anywhere using familiar devices and interfaces

Integrate Content into Processes

A powerful combination of document management and workflow capabilities opens up endless opportunities to enhance and accelerate the flow of digital business.

  • Rich metadata models, or properties, can be used to move documents automatically through a business process or records management lifecycle
  • Built-in workflows simplify document review and approval, while custom process definitions can streamline any content-intensive activity
  • Folder rules trigger automated actions for repetitive tasks, freeing people to focus on more important activities

We also provide training & helpdesk support facilities

If you have an existing Alfresco setup or if you don’t need external help for set up, you can’t ignore the need for ongoing support. If your IT department already has enough on its plate, you could always sign up with us. We act as an extended arm of your IT team to liaison with the OEM, help in commissioning the solutions and also provide training to your administrator / users. Apart from this, we also offer a helpdesk facility, letting your IT department offload routine user support tasks.

as a side note - some document management fyi

from Alfresco's desk

Document management software helps to store, access, manage, control and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information that has been captured through document scanning technology.

In choosing document management software, it’s important to consider its ability to integrate with other line of business systems making content available across a range of business applications (i.e., Salesforce and SAP).

Consideration also needs to be given to how users will interact with the system - different people will want to work in different ways; some on mobile devices, some via a web browser and some directly from their desktop.

By selecting an open document management system, you gain the ability to enrich content information via systems that can extend core functions - for example, off-the-shelf Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.