Linux Services

Our Managed Linux Services and Support

Our clients engage us to provide ON-DEMAND TROUBLESHOOTING for Linux based solutions.

Linux Support

linux Services

Installation of RHEL 7, CentOS 7 Fedora or Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Squid Proxy setup with ACL support

NFS Server / Client setup

FTP Server with User Management

SAMBA Integration

Database server

Installation and Configuration of MySQL Database

Import / Export of Databases

Migration of Databases

Replication of Databases

Automatic Backups of Databases

Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement of Database

DNS Server

DNS Setup including Master / Slave

Management of DNS Zones

DNS Server Security

Network Monitoring

Installation & configuration of Nagios / Zabbix monitoring tool

Adding Linux / Windows / Printers / Devices to Nagios / Zabbix

Email Alert Notification Integration

linux security Update

Disable / Remove unwanted services

Firewall Integration

OS / Packages / Kernel Patch updates

System Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning

Windows to Linux Migration

Windows to Linux Server

Windows Desktop to Linux Desktop

Windows AD to Samba

MS Office to LibreOffice

We also provide Onsite Support Engineers to manage your Linux Servers

Typical skills and responsibilities

  • Responsible for Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting in RHEL, CentOS.
  • Have managed User Administration & Understanding Linux File System.
  • Responsible for Symlinks & Hardlinks, Archiving & Compression and File Permissions.
  • Troubleshooting of System booting level error. ( Maintenance Mode or Kernel Panic)
  • Responsible for Linux Schedulers. (CRON, ANACRON and AT)
  • Managed Software and Packages installation using YUM, RPM. Responsible for file sharing using SAMBA & NFS.
  • Understanding of DNS, APACHE, FIREWALL (IPTABLES), & Logical Volume Management