Zextras SUITE

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why zextras

ZeXtras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your Zimbra server.

It is composed of several modules, and each module gives you the power to do things you thought impossible with Zimbra.

It seamlessly conjoins with both Zimbra's very core and User Interface, granting the most smooth Zimbra experience ever.


Mobile function makes Zimbra a mobile friendly solution -fully supporting Exchange ActiveSync protocol- and allows the users to keep accessing their mailbox data on their own mobile device, within the security guaranteed by Zextras.

Users can always access all their emails, contacts and appointments, no matter if items are their own ones or shared ones. Zextras extends EAS to shared items easily, letting the users choose what sync or not.



Zextras Team provides secure, high-end video-meeting features directly into the Zimbra Web Client.

Users can communicate in persistent Spaces, Channels and private groups where messaging, video meeting and screen sharing functionalities are supported both for internal and external users.


Simplify the Delegated Admin management and turn Zimbra in a fully Saas MultiTenant platform.

SysAdmin can easily grant customers with the rights needed to manage autonomously their domain and he can provide the HelpDesk only with the rights needed to support users without invading their privacy.

All the Admin actions are recorded, organized and accessible through the “reporting feature” available into the Admin Console.


Zextras realtime engine backup is Zimbra’s Disaster Recovery Strategy. It backs up every single item and event on your server, lowering the Recovery Point Objective to 0.

The backup transactions are atomic and always consistent with no need for scheduled snapshots.

Moreover, deduplication and compression reduce up to 50% the space needed, with automatic purge after the retention period, customizable for each server.

It supports multiple undelete and recovery strategies: from restoring a deleted message straight into the user mailbox till recovering a whole domain.


Zextras supports more than 140 formats, enabling the preview straight from the web interface.

Moreover, users can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations turning Zimbra into a professional office suite.

why engage us


Take advantage of our personalised support during migration / deployment

The biggest advantage of buying through us is that you can opt for a package that includes personalised support during migration, or let us handle the entire activity as a turnkey solution. This would work well for organizations that do not have large IT departments yet want a complex enough system that might be beyond their existing capabilities.


We provide training & helpdesk support facilities

Even if you don’t need external help for set up, you can’t ignore the need for ongoing support. If your IT department already has enough on its plate, you could always sign up with us. We act as an extended arm of your IT team to liaison with the OEM, help in commissioning the solutions and also provide training to your administrator / users. Apart from this, we also offer a helpdesk facility, letting your IT department offload routine user support tasks.


We might work a better deal

Finally, we might be in a position to offer better rates than what individual business might get thus creating a win-win situation. We earn revenue from the additional services you buy, while for your business, the cost of hiring an external consultant is somewhat offset by the discount on what you’d have anyways paid.