Bulk Email

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SMTP2GO technology

Gets your emails sent and its robust reporting gives you a clear picture of what happens behind the scenes.

emails delivered & seen

SMTP2GO deals with blacklist monitoring, reverse DNS, DKIM, ISP throttling, blocked ports, and feedback loops with major email providers such as Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.

SMTP2GO tracks every email you send, from start to finish, and gets your emails into inboxes.

SMTP2GO helps you see which of your valuable emails are bouncing or otherwise not reaching inboxes, and which recipients are unsubscribing or reporting your email as spam.

API Integration

If you've tried using APIs in the past, you'll know they are often extremely complex and frustrating.

SMTP2GO's API is designed to be used with the minimum of mental effort from your developers.

why engage us


Take advantage of our personalised support during migration / deployment

The biggest advantage of buying through us is that you can opt for a package that includes personalised support during migration, or let us handle the entire activity as a turnkey solution. This would work well for organizations that do not have large IT departments yet want a complex enough system that might be beyond their existing capabilities.


We provide training & helpdesk support facilities

Even if you don’t need external help for set up, you can’t ignore the need for ongoing support. If your IT department already has enough on its plate, you could always sign up with us. We act as an extended arm of your IT team to liaison with the OEM, help in commissioning the solutions and also provide training to your administrator / users. Apart from this, we also offer a helpdesk facility, letting your IT department offload routine user support tasks.


We might work a better deal

Finally, we might be in a position to offer better rates than what individual business might get thus creating a win-win situation. We earn revenue from the additional services you buy, while for your business, the cost of hiring an external consultant is somewhat offset by the discount on what you’d have anyways paid.