WE develop AWESOME Solutions


Set up in 2011, based in Mumbai, IN, we are an open source technology focused software services company.

Approachable, Passionate, Sincere, Technically Sound is how we would like to collectively describe ourselves. We take immense pride to see our technology knowledge shape up at our clients and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Partners commit a significant time with clients’ top management right from the concept stage to design, then development and overseeing the launch. They are ably supported by our development and customer service teams to ensure seamless transition and delightful customer experience.

Corporate Presentation - Openradix

Our Process


Listen to your Business Specific needs. Understand your preferences & expectations from the Solution.


Apply our Knowledge & Experience with Open Source and propose a Solution. If need be, demonstrate by doing a Proof of Concept.


Iterative & Incremental approach. By using the two together, we can complete your solution in increments while delivering completed work throughout the course of the Solution.

Our Pricing

UNlimited Use - Flat Fee

We charge an all inclusive one time / periodic flat fee which is upfront agreed with the client.

In most cases, the fee is for unlimited users / admin accounts and / or for unlimited support incidences.

We ensure

Speed, Customizability, Reduced TCO

With us you can migrate with confidence to open source solutions

We have guided Clients across industries with our Open Source consulting and implementation services towards flexible, cost effective and robust solutions. Strategies devised for clients using pre-built and ready-to-integrate open source solutions have brought about rapid modernisation in their IT environments.

Save Costs

Organisations have incurred only operating expenditure in the form of consulting and support costs and saved heavily on capex and acquisition costs.

In certain cases we have deployed a Hybrid Open Source solution alongside the already existing proprietary software and reduced its licenses thereby saving costs

Gain in more ways than one

What experts say about open source

A wide range of organisations now utilise Open Source, sometimes even for mission critical projects. CERN uses Active MQ, an Open Source message broker, to move data between thousands of machines. NASA distributes its software code Open Source under the NASA Open Source Agreement to enhance its software quality. Also, leading equities exchange group NYSE Euronext uses Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware, while the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes use of the open source integration platform Fuse ESB.